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Welcome to Netvidia Communications

We are a group of result oriented Silicon Valley professionals with decades of corporate and entrepreneurial expertise that you could hire to meet your engineering or business needs.

We basically can create software and hardware that meets your products requirements employing industry proven engineering methodology and management.

 We can be brought into your business to perform product's functional and technical reviews, and technology due diligence.

We can work closely with your Marketing and Engineering departments to perform product requirements and design.

We can join your team for focused, limited-term, strategic engagements to full executive-level openings for the VP or Director of  Engineering slot. Upon successfully meeting the goals, we can also recruit a permanent replacement.

We develop in-house applications, new software products and e-commerce websites. We can also web-enable, enhance or migrate your existing legacy applications.


We'll be glad to give you a free proposal for your software needs—either a quick "ballpark" estimate or a detailed proposal.








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