Resume Pedro Rangel



Summary of Qualifications

  • Entrepreneurial, energetic self-starter ready to take the most challenging assignments.

  • 20+ years of hands-on experience in design, development, and release of products.

  • 10+ years of extensive hands-on management working with technical and non-technical teams.

  • Identification of customers, definition of software and hardware architectures, and overall planning, budgeting of resources, project management for both embedded system software, and ASIC design, and driving architectural decisions.

  • Background encompasses experience and accomplishment in Design & Development and Release to production of Software Tools, Routers, switches, bridges, concentrators, network management systems, Serial Communication and Security systems, Real Time embedded systems, Operating Systems, Word Processing, Data Base.

  • Extensive interface with management and users

  • Troubleshooting and resolution of problems.

Technical Qualifications

Microprocessors: Z-80, 8080, 80x86, 68HC11, 680xx, i960.

OS: Linux, Unix, Windows, VxWorks, DOS, real-time embedded kernels.

Languages: C, C++, Pascal, COBOL, Prolog, Basic, VHDL, Verilog, Java, HTML, ASP, PHP, SQL databases.

Protocols: TCP/IP, SNMP, BOOTP, TFTP, RMON, IEEE 802.1d, 802.1p, 802.1q, 802.2 (LLC), 802.3 (Ethernet), 802.3z (gigabit Ethernet), 802.5 (token ring), ANSI X3T9.5 (FDDI), HIPPI, ATM, CoS, QoS, IP Routing (Layer 3), Switching (Layer 2), Virtual LANs (VLANs), Wireless Networks, Network Management, RIP v1/v2, IPv6 (Ipng).

Technologies: Servlets, Applets, RMI, Corba

Productivity Applications: Microsoft Word, Excel, Project, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access. 


Colorado Technical College

Bachelor of Science, March 1982.
Electronic Engineering Technology


Bachelor of Science Electronics Engineering Technology


Review Techniques, Fundamentals of Documentation, System Techniques for Non-Automated Procedures, Method/1, Installation, Administration of System Projects I, Introduction to On-line Systems and Screen Design, Introduction to Transaction Flow Auditing, Introduction to Operating Systems, Introduction to Data Base, Introduction to Word Processing, Fundamentals of Data Administration, Form, Report and Coding Scheme Design, Effective Writing I and II, Fundamentals of On-line Monitors, Fundamentals of IMS/DB, Detailed Design, Programming Supervision, Introduction to Computer Timing, Fundamentals of Revenue Systems, Introduction to Automated Applications Development Aids, Tools and Techniques for Computer Testing, Introduction to Data Communication.


Fluent Spanish, English, and some Italian.





2002 – present 
Apr 02
Netvidia Communications Santa Clara, CA

Researched the market for new high tech or productivity products (Project Management on the Intranet).
  Designed and implemented several Wireless and LAN networks for small office Designed and implemented a network services framework in Java.
Designed and implemented a multimedia MP3 server with automatic server discovery.
Provided consulting/installation services for small and home office networks.

2001 – 2002  
Feb 01-- Apr 02

Filanet Corporation, Sunnyvale, CA
Vice President of Engineering

Managing engineering teams in both Copenhagen, Denmark and Sunnyvale, California teams which designed, implemented, tested an Internet Service Appliance based on an internal System-On-Chip ASIC and uClinux.  The InterJak is an edge device that integrates traditionally separates functions, such as shared Internet access, security, VPNs, and file and printer sharing, into one product designed to support SOHO, Remote Office and Telecommuters markets.

1998- 2001
Nov 98 – Jan 2001

Capstone Networks (former LANQuest Group), Fremont, CA
Vice President of Engineering

Managing an engineering team which designs, implements, tests Web enabled Network, and Application Performance Management products with emphasis in bandwidth, response time, availability, remote execution, and application performance.  The application user interface is written using Internet technology (Applet, servlets, HTML, Java Scripts, and C++).

Responsible for the presentation of engineering plans and status to the company’s Board meetings.

1997- 1998
Jan 97 – Nov 98

Netvidia Communications, San Jose, CA

Identified competition, suppliers, possible strategic partners, development costs, marketing strategy and research, product positioning, wrote business and development plans, wrote product description, functional and technical specifications, and proposed, reviewed product system architecture (ATM and Gigabit Ethernet).

Reviewed the architecture of the HIPPI Switch in order to identify performance bottlenecks in the development of Gigabit Ethernet.


Whittaker Communications (Hughes LAN Systems), Santa Clara, CA

May 96- Dec 96

Vice President of Engineering

Successfully managed an engineering department that designed, implemented, tested anreleased to manufacturing HUB, Switches, and network management applications.

Jan 95 - May 96

Associate Director, Engineering

Assigned by management to solve customer and technical issues with Ethernet to ATM switch.  The resolution of these issues saved the company millions in hardware returns and customers.

Devise engineering processes in order to re-use hardware and software building blocks in order to cut new product launch time.

Jan 92 - Dec 94

Senior Manager, Engineering

Responsible for the management, design, development, testing and release to manufacturing of FDDI, token ring, Ethernet concentrators, token ring to token ring, Ethernet to FDDI bridges, and Hub Management Module.

Assigned by management to solve the hardware and software issues with the Token Ring product family, and successfully eliminated the issues and the company was able to retain many afflicted customers.

Accomplished project management, design, development and release to manufacturing of the FDDI concentrator on time and under budget.

Jan 90 - Dec 91

Staff Software Engineer

Designed, implemented and release to manufacturing of the Ethernet concentrator, and Hub Management Modules.  Member of the architect team for the Hughes LAN System Enterprise Hubs.

Jan 89 - Dec 89

Senior Software Engineer

Designed, implemented, tested and released a Token Ring Source Routing bridge. Designed and ported and released the IEEE 802.2 and NetBios software interface into the PC EMM memory thus providing a major differentiation against the competition (less usage of PC conventional memory).


Vindicator Inc., San Jose, CA
Senior Software Engineer

Designed, implemented and tested a very modular software security system where re-usability and portability of code were the major goals.  These goals reduced product time to market.  The code was successfully released and deployed in nine different products (porting average 2-4 weeks).



Contracted by Epson and its associates to implement a notepad desk accessory using GEM in the IBM PC.


Epson Latino América, Caracas, Venezuela  
Project Coordinator  

Responsible for the coordination, technical leadership of an integrated software application using GEM for the IBM PC (Word Processor, Serial Communications, Data Base, spreadsheet, and Business Graphics).

Project Engineer  

Responsible for design and development of an Electronic Mail and Serial Communications, the file management, 256k memory manager (page memory) using an Epson QX-1x (CP/M-80).  Serial Communication was accomplished in background.


Krygier Morales y Assoc. (Arthur Andersen & CO), Caracas, Venezuela  

Member of a team to implement a trucking system using an IBM S/34.

Member of a team to implement a Mortgage and Loan System using an IBM 4331.

Member of team to audit the DPD procedures of an Insurance company.

Responsible for the development of a Merit System using an IBM PC.



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