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Mr. Rangel is an expert engineer and manager with over 20 years of experience.  Mr. Rangel has successfully designed and brought to market PC applications, security monitoring, and internetworking and network management products.  Mr. Rangel worked at Filanet Inc. and his responsibilities were to deliver a SOHO product using local and remote engineering teams with both software and ASIC contents.  Mr. Rangel worked at Capstone Networks and his responsibilities were to deliver the Capstone’s service solution(s), and LANQuest Network performance and network testing products.  Mr. Rangel worked at Netvidia Communications, his own consulting company and perform work for GigaLabs and Hitachi, where he was involved in the design and architecture of a backbone gigabit switch.  Mr. Rangel worked for 8 years in engineering with Whittaker/Xyplex (Hughes LAN Systems, Sytek).   He started as a software engineer and exited the company as the Vice President of Engineering.   He contributed to the software and hardware architecture, development of network adapters, and HUB modules such as concentrators (Ethernet, Token Ring, and FDDI), and Ethernet to ATM switch.   Mr. Rangel has a degree in Electronic Engineering from the Colorado Technical University.   Mr. Rangel would bring a focus on quality, ease of use and modular design that will help in the solution development cycle.




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