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We have an overall experience, but not limited to design, development and testing of:
Internetworking devices, such as switches, routers for the Enterprise and SOHO markets;
Web enabled, desktop, distributed applications;
Broadcasting Multimedia applications;
Network management and monitoring;

We are familiar with operating systems such as VxWorks, Linux, Windows and others brews used by our customers;


Here are some of our clients. If you want to know more about the work we did for them, let us know. We'll be glad to describe any of these projects in detail. And, of course, we'll put you in touch with the clients themselves so you can hear first-hand how they feel about our work.
  • Digital Microwave
  • GigaLabs
  • Hitachi
  • NET.com
  • Bell Consulting
  • Internal and non-profit projects




These are some of the projects.  If you want to know more about the content or these projects, let us know.
  • Management of QAM Radios (SNMP in QAM Radio Architecture).  Type: Functional & Technical design. Content: Internetworking protocols.
  • HIPPI Performance and Speedup study.  Type:  Technical Assessment with some simulation.
  • Proposal for Multicast in The HIPPI Switch.  Type:  Technical White Paper.
  • Multicast and HIPPI performance simulation.  Type:  Simulation.
  • Gigabit Router Design.  Type:  User and Marketing Requirement Analysis.  Product Requirements Document, Functional and Technical Specifications.
  • Internetworking emulation.
  • Java Environment Framework (Network Services, HTTP Service, Multimedia Server, Service Locator).  Type:  Distributed Application, prototyped in Java and C++.
  • Linux multimedia distribution.  Type: Operating system on a CD (i.e., live CD).



"Netvidia accelerated our product development cycle by quickly delivering a next generation system product architecture and development plan for Hitachi Internetworking switching products.  This plan mapped out the development strategy to incorporate current and evolving switching technologies into Hitachi target markets.  We highly recommend  Pedro Rangelís strong expertise in systems development, IP networking technologies and deployment strategies as well as his dynamic and professional services."

Ken Schnuelle
Senior Software Mangager
Hitachi Computer Products
Santa Clara, CA




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