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In a perfect world you would do everything yourself.  There are times where you need talent with specific experience.  We have a group of well-rounded hardware and software professionals with experience in the design, development, and testing of embedded, distributed, desktop, and web-enabled applications.

We can tailor services according to your project plan requirements.  In other words, you may bring us at any phase of your product development (e.g., product requirements gathering, technology evaluation and assessment, design, development, etc.). We also offer other services such as Project Management and Virtual Executive service.  Please see below for more information.

Engineering Services

We have designed and implemented software and hardware for simple and very complex products with different type of contents (e.g. software, hardware or both, embedded, distributed, monitoring).  Thus we provide both hardware and software design and development services.  In addition, we provide a Technology Assessment service that evaluates technology or solution that you plan to use in the design and development of your product family.


We work with your architect team, if you have one, or we will become your architect team for both hardware and software products.  We will interact with your Marketing and Engineering organization to generate design documents such as Product Requirements Analysis, Functional and Technical Specifications that define user and market requirements and provide an overall architecture of the product with use case scenarios, data flow and data architecture.  Each product is different and the level of complexity will be represented in the generated design.

In addition, we could help you generate the project work plan and resources necessary to implement and test the designed product.

Just Plain Development

We work along side your development team to implement our assigned tasks.  We will use the provided design documentation so the implementation meets the product requirements specified in the Marketing and User Requirements Document, Functional and Technical specifications.

We can provide you with engineering resources as contractors or we can work on a portion as a project with very well defined interfaces and behaviors (black box implementation).

  We currently have engineers verse in different programming languages, operating systems, embedded system, drivers and other technologies.  Please go to our free proposal page fill the form and will get back to you.


Test Automation

We have been asked to perform this service in the past.  We are only looking at harnesses that use the Java, C, C++ languages as the testing harnesses.  If you are interested in this service please drop us a note.

Project Management

We have decades of expertise managing engineering projects of different levels of complexity and deployed on all sorts of computer or embedded platforms.  We understand how to manage a product from conception to delivery.  You can use our expertise as your project manager.

Technology Assessment

We can evaluate software, Asics, and chipsets technology/products that could be used in your design and evaluate their architecture, feature set benefits and limitations.   The resulting evaluation matrix will provide you with enough information for selection purposes.

Virtual Manager/Executive

In some instances we could join your team for focused, limited-term, strategic engagements to full executive-level openings for Vice President of Engineering, or Director of  Engineering, Project Manager positions. Upon successfully meeting the goals, we can also recruit a permanent replacement.

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